Break the cycle with a business audit

Break the cycle with a business audit

Today, the dominant issue for all travel companies is having too much to do with too little time or resource to do it well – sounds familiar?

Headcounts are not increasing but workloads are.  The result is that people are becoming overloaded, less efficient and increasingly strained in their working life.  You have to deal with complex inter-departmental issues using a range of business systems where often the technology is a constraint on your business and has to be worked around rather than being an enabler of business improvement.  Fortunately, more and more companies have come to realise that things really don’t have to be this way.

A small amount of automation can make a big difference

As a specialist automation consultancy, many of our long term clients feed back to us that they wish they had begun to automate their business far sooner.  The simple truth is that it’s much easier than you may imagine to apply a little automation to make a big difference. 

Some of the bespoke automation solutions we have implemented include loading contracts, special offers, automating ticketing, matching electronic documents to internal systems, loading email quotes to a reservation system and many, many more…  There is so much that can be automated that is a devastating waste of human resources and financial loss in our industry.  How can you begin the automation journey for your business?

Take advantage of free consultancy advice

A business audit is a review providing an external perspective on your key internal processes, from the technologies you use to the manual processes you currently have.  This offers you a fast track to business improvement as they always result in some very quick wins along with a list of longer-term projects that have compelling business cases.  As we have been working closely with travel businesses for many years, we see recurring themes and simple opportunities to implement best practice for every business that we engage with.  Some of the common themes include:

  1. Growth Ceiling – Many companies hit a threshold where the processes that worked well when they were smaller are no longer appropriate.  They typically need to automate some of the disorder that now dominates their processes.
  2. Manual Labour – This comes in a number of forms, from cutting and pasting data across applications, to manually loading data into a business system, to repetitively carrying out the same task over and over again.
  3. Quality Improvement – This includes the need to synchronise data across multiple complex systems, identifying and resolving complex issues and measuring and maintaining high quality levels.

From an introductory free audit, you are able to address these issues and start to change the focus of your business.  We have built many long term relationships with our clients where we continue to be invited to review and resolve their business issues on an ongoing basis.

Ultimately, automation allows you to re-define what your day job would be if you had time to focus on what really matters for your long-term growth and success.  In this day and age of overwhelming complexity and instant demand – is there any alternative?

John O’Neill, MD