Automating the Cruise Retailer Booking Process

Automating the Cruise Retailer Booking Process

A customer who wishes to book a holiday may find the cruise booking process simple. They call up, make their booking and receive their holiday confirmation by email.  What they don’t realise is the amount of manual work and complexity that happen behind the scenes of their chosen agent. Especially when multiple suppliers are involved to confirm all the components of their booking.  And why should they care?  They don’t have to – but I am sure they would once there was a delay in their confirmation email or an error in their booking.

The average booking process is an immense labour-intensive task for cruise retailers. There is typically a lot of back and forth between them and the supplier, checking off in multiple systems, emailing to the customer – and this will happen multiple times a day, every time a booking is made. How does a company manage manually with this overwhelming workload? From our experience, not very well – the whole process is unmanageable, customer service is often affected and a huge back-log of errors is a constant battle.

How would you feel if I told you that two thirds of this booking process could be automated? See below the average booking process, and which parts can be automated:

The Cruise Retailer Booking Process


Automation does not take away the critical and value-adding customer contact and the use of the systems you are familiar with. It simply removes the manual drudgery that is currently experienced every day. Staff are then able to focus on what is important in their job roles. You are now left with a streamlined, manageable workflow that will keep your staff happy and content in their jobs.

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